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        AS Mechanical Technology srl Nonantola, Italian Version of our website

        Construction Processing

        Precision Mechanical

        Since 1969, through the updating and development of technological support, our company offers to customers a service of precision, reliability and unique flexibility. .

        The experience, technology and specialize people make our company a manufacturing highly reliable, industry-leading turning, milling, construction and design of mechanical jacks and hydraulic blocks.

        During the years we have diversified the machining and the production throw:
        - Investment in advanced production machinery
        - Adoption of quality processes established and efficient
        - Innovation of precision instruments for the best three-dimensional measuring
        - Use of automated and specific management software.

        AS Mechanical Technology enjoys a well-established, recognized and long-term presence in the building, shipbuilding and logistics field.

        The continuous market evolution allowed to insert ourselves in new realities such as in the field of ceramics and agriculture.

        Studying a lightweight and cheap way to transport earth-moving machinery AS Mechanical Technology wanted to invest in the research of materials and manufacturing to seize this opportunity.

        The results of this investment are our new Aluminum loading ramps and Turnover basket Kit for aerial platforms.

        Certificazione di qualità rilasciata da Accredia ad AS Mechanical di Nonantola Modena Certificazione di qualità rilasciata da BV ad AS Mechanical di Nonantola Modena